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Excess Protection

Dash provides cost-effective excess protection that refund the excess that you have to pay where no third-party is responsible. For instance, if you claimed £1000 for a theft and you have an insurance policy with a £100 excess, your car insurance would pay the £900 and you would pay the£100 excess. With Dash excess protection, we would refund the £100 that you had to pay, meaning you would pay nothing towards the repair. Excess protection gives you the peace of mind that you'll be refunded for any excess if you need to make a claim. You can also take advantage of cheaper car insurance premiums by increasing your excess and if you have an accident or a victim of theft you won't be faced with any massive bills.


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Dash can also provide insurance for the essentials extras you need in life, insuring your gadgets, bicycles, GAP insurance, break down cover, excesses and more.

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